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Dasha · S.Kandinsky
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Dasha S.Kandinsky

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Dasha S.Kandinsky born in Ukraine contemporary artist now based in Switzerland.  Descendant of Kandinsky dynasty.

After graduating from the National Academy of Fine Art in Kiev she got a master’s degree. Afterwards was teaching Arts as assistant professor.

Then moved to New York and have been developing her own art style ever since (for over 15 years). 

She believes that "a work of art should be syncretic” and therefore, uses an academic manner as the foundation for her artwork. It is complete only when it contains both myth (non-verbal philosophy), and aesthetics. She combines mystical expressionism, naked sexuality and symbolic mythology. In her work she combines the "raw and hot flesh" of the Paint with the cold heart of her gemstones to create a work of art which is supplemented by both mythology, and aesthetic.


  • 2023

    Art Vienna 2023

    Orangerie Schönbrunn / Vienna / Austria


    Cipriani / New York / USA


    JENK Gallery / Monaco


    UVA Gallery / Miami / USA

    SAVING LIVES / Auction

    MUDEC Museum / Milano / Italy
  • 2022


    Brulhart Gallery / Geneva / Switzerland


    Basel Art Center / Basel / Switzerland

    From Terrible to Beautiful

    TW Fine ART Gallery / Palm Beach / USA


    TMORA Museum / Minneapolis / USA

    The Heart of Glory

    Maxdi Gallery / Soho / New York / USA
  • 2021


    Dubai Harbor Marina / Dubai / UAE

    The HEAD / solo show

    SONIA MONTI Gallery / Paris / France

    Feel Good Art / Auction

    Gallery of the Poliswiss Art Auction House / Warsaw / Poland
  • 2020

    PROJECT 2020 / solo show

    Mandarin Maison / Kiev / Ukraine
  • 2019

    FASHION. ICON / solo show

    Lavra Gallery / Kiev / Ukraine

    art3f Luxembourg

    Luxexpo The Box / Luxembourg


    Palazzo Delle Esposizioni / Pavia / Italy
  • 2018

    Body language

    One Art Space Gallery / New York / USA

    U pray to my body

    BAZA studio / New york / USA

    Geopolitical Gemism

    24Royal Terrace Gallery / Edinburgh / Scotland

    Edinburgh Art Fair

    Edinburgh Corn Exchange / Edinburgh / Scotland

    Fixation of imaginary

    Art museum / Kiev / Ukraine
  • 2017


    Gallery Diamant / Paris / France
  • 2015


    New York / USA

    Festival International et Grand Prix de peinture

    La Ferte-Bernard / France


    NAOMA Museum / Kiev / Ukraine
  • 2013


    Information and Cultural Centre of the Embassy of Ukraine in France / Paris / France

    Silk way

    Center for Contemporary Art M-17 / Kyiv / Ukraine

    International contest of young artists "Grant UART"

    Kiev / Ukraine

About Art

Interviewed by David Dubois for L.I.ART Magazine

You are a descendant of Wassily Kandinsky, a pioneer of abstract art. What has been his influence and that of your family's heritage on your art?

The question of influence and artistic heritage is more difficult. As you know my father Anton Kandinsky recently passed away in his studio in Manhattan, and it is only now after his death that I realise how much he influenced my development. I always thought I evolved completely independently, but now I see I was wrong. It was implicit correction.

The first exhibition in France of your series “Androgyne” was at the Ukrainian cultural centre. Can you tell us more about this asexual universe?

Androgynous - is the ideal a-sexual person. Male nude flesh displayed in simpering female plastics and attributes. Vulgarity of poses vies with an idea, that it`s Dienty (new Adam), utterly not excepting it.

 The essence of the project is not to emphasize the femininity or masculinity of sexes, but in the elimination of differentiation, its leveling. It leads us to globalization, an asexual world where total unisex excludes sex. It`s the end of a cycle of humankind, returning universe to its ideal state - androgyne.

You employ a palette of deep yet flamboyant colours. Is there any reason?
Colour is one of the most important aspects of my art. In the “Iconography” series it plays a determining role. Fashion icons like Anna Piaggi, Vivienne Westwood, Iris Apfel and others are depicted using the Orthodox iconographic canon. Their faces are shown as photonegatives that display the negative essence of clerics in religion. At the same time the “cold” colour of flesh alludes to spirituality while blue is the colour of eternal peace in iconography. A photographic negative leads us to the other side of the material world, to the metaphysics in its visual incarnation. From “warm” flesh to “cold" spirit (in the picturesque context). All of the symbolic load is given here to colour.




Switzerland, Geneva