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Piece of materia

Materia again being the physical essence of the universe. What is a "Piece of Materia" in this context? Human flesh, a piece of cloth, a piece of art as the material embodiment of the idea, or the canvas itself?

People have different interpretations of the same word, concept or image. For someone "Materia" is the whole universe, for someone - just rags. "The problem of any man is that he thinks in "words", this fact does not allow us to know the truth, and even come closer to it. Perhaps our brains would work differently if thoughts and ideas were not words.

Art comes to its final stage, expressed in texts as independent art products. Painting, which appeals to feelings and emotions, is downgraded to the Archaic, and instead texts, concepts and ideas, referring to the mind, are brought forward.  In fact "A Piece of Materia" is the artist's rebellious act against the verbal nature of our thinking, its conventions and imperfections. This project is about the lost connection between the material and the ephemeral, the lost sense of words and texts. It’s an attempt of trying to find it again.

Switzerland, Geneva